My Beginner Embroidery Products & Tips

My Beginner Embroidery Products & Tips

I purchased a beginner embroidery machine over Thanksgiving and have quickly fallen in love with all things monogrammed and embroidered. Since then, I've been asked a ton of questions on Instagram after sharing some of my struggles in the beginning. I went from breaking the needle every time I tried a new project to finally being able to confidently monogram some sweatshirts for Christmas gifts. I'm still 100% a beginner and learning. It's so fun and if you love personalized goodies you can always have a personalized gift ready for last minute birthdays, holidays, or just because presents. I'm going to link my favorite YouTube videos as well that helped me trouble shoot in the beginning. Please note that they are affiliate links to Amazon and the exact product I purchased myself.

Embroidery Machine

I love this machine! It's so easy to get started. BUT if I would have known how much I was going to enjoy it, I would have gotten the machine with the 5x7 embroidery size. My machine only does 4x4 which is perfect for adding a small design but if you want to embroider a longer name that will feel very small, very quickly.  

5x7 Embroidery Machine (What I WISH I would have purchased!!)



Go ahead and take my advice and buy these things now! You'll be upset if you get your machine all set up and you don't have any supplies to do your first project. I ran to Joann's on Thanksgiving Eve to buy ALL the things. :)


144 Pre-Wound Embroidery Bobbins

These bobbins are pre-wound which is super easy to just pop into the machine. Bobbin thread is white and threads on the back of the embroidery.

 Cut Away Stabilizer

Used on fabrics that will be worn and washed. 

Tear Away Stabilizer 

Used on fabrics that won't be washed a lot, thin fabrics.

Sulky Solvy

For any fabrics with a pile like towels, terry, etc. You put this on TOP of the fabric. It makes it stitch beautifully without getting the embroidery design getting lost in the fabric.


I found all of these at Walmart and Joann's.

  • Ball Point Needle
  • 90/14 needle
  • 75/11 needle

Both the 75/11 and 90/14 come with the machine but I broke them in the first hour I was learning the machine. So if you think you might need some, pick up another package!! :)

40 Spools Embroidery Thread

You could buy a few of your favorite colors at a craft store, but I just wanted to get a variety of colors while I learned. This is a great set with 40 different colors! The machine comes with one spool of white thread.

Sewing Scissors

You can probably get away with whatever you have around the house but you'll probably want to upgrade to some sharp scissors. Trying to cut fabric with my dull scissors used on paper was a mess! But I made it work for a bit. :)



The Classic Applique

Herrington Design

Southern Baby Classics

Digitizing With Love


Panwat Embroidery


Oopsidaisi Embroidery




Embrilliance Software

Free for just words or monogram designs! I have a Macbook so this was the best option for me. I upgraded to the paid version of Essentials to have the ability to add designs to monograms or text.



Here's a great YouTube tutorial for free Embrilliance software. 

How to thread your machine

Setting up your new machine

And just like any new hobby...when in doubt, Google it!! YouTube is a great resource if you are a visual learner like me. 



Please note, some of these are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I use and LOVE!


Hope that helps those of you with questions!!

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